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Hairdressers In Natal Brazil

The salons offer many services to take care of your hair, skin and nails. Moisturizing, hair straightening, manicures and facials.

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Body Center By Katia Lima
Beauty Treatment Centre for body and face including alternative therapies. Body treatments: for localized fat, cellulite, reductions in measurement and flacidity (wine treatment), endermology (french cellulite treatment), ultra-sound, massage, bamboo therapy, lymphatic drainage. Pre and post operations. Skin cleansing and treatments for facial acne.
Celina Cabeleireiros
We have qualified professionals for hair styling, hair straightening, hairdos and makeup. We do extensions, progressive hair straightening, hair cauterization, dying and highlights. We have foot and hand spa, porcelain nails and French manicure, plus facial and body care. We do depilation, mega hair extensions and Rastafarian style hair.
Central do Cabeleireiro
Improvement and perfectioning courses for professionals and a complete course for beginners. We also sell products with orientation on use for beauty care professionals.
Cida Cabeleireiros
Sophisticated cozy and comfortable space in a privileged location, with private parking and air-conditioned environment. We have qualified professionals to take the best care of your esthetics and beauty. We have been in the market for more than 20 years, always with credibility and commitment.
Clínica Capilar Lucia Almeida
We enhance beauty both in men and women in a clinic where you find all the services of a beauty saloon, besides trichology, alopecia treatments, hair bulb reactivation, podiatry with specialists and chemical department for hair transformation.
Diana Cabeleireira
Extremely cozy space. Air conditioned, private parking, excellent localization and with a fine clientele. Your beauty and well-being is our only goal. Skilled professionals and good customer care is our main strength, come and get to know us!
Genildo Cabeleireiros
We work with haircut, hair-straightening, hydration, chemistry, depilation, massage, skin cleaning and general esthetics.
Héhdson Cabeleireiros
We work with Californian highlights, make-up, capillary plastics (renew) and anti-volume capillary plastics, capillary humectation, capillary SPA, thermal rebuilding, eye-brow design, together with facial and body esthetics. We carry best quality products, such as TRUSS or MATRIX, among others. Héhdson beauty saloon: your beauty, your conquest!
Iria Cabeleireira
In a cozy air-conditioned environment with private parking, we take care of your beauty and esthetics with qualified and skilled professionals. At Iria Cabeleireira, we work with innovation, enhancement, irreverence and attitude.
Jan Cabeleireiros
JAN CABELEIREIROS offers the best services with professionalism, style and unique customer care in a cozy environment with a privileged location. Men and women haircut, hair straightening, temporary hair straightening, color, relaxing, eye-brows and depilation, hydration, cauterization, manicure and pedicure. Schedule a visit and come meet us!
Kell Cabeleireiros
Look even better with Kell Cabeleireiros. Excellent location, air-conditioned facility and all the comfort you deserve. We provide haircuts, progressive and permanent hair straightening, queratine treatment, makeup, depilation, manicure and pedicure, and the day of the bride, a moment dedicated to your beauty on the day of your dreams.
Lazzaro Cabeleireiros
We have in our salon: manicure, pedicure, makeup, hairstylist, personalized eyebrow, definitive makeup and tattooing in general. Products as: Bed Head (Tigi), Itely, Bain de terre, senscience, schwarzhop. Specialized coloring jobs, highlights, progressive brush and more.
Netta Cabeleireiros e Zil Estética
In a comfortable air-conditioned space, we offer all the services you need to enhance your beauty and improve your health: haircut, hair-straightening, hair-dressing, lights, hair extension, mask, esthetics, make-up, massage, bride’s day, special baths and chemistry. Everything carried out by qualified professionals committed to deliver results.
Nuance Cabeleireiros
Today we are about to fall in love at first sight and forever. It’s a pleasure to look after you.
Percy Cabeleireiros
Our beauty saloon is a meeting point for those who look for exclusive care. Come find efficiency and professionalism in haircut, intelligent hair straightening, coloration, highlights, hair dressing, make-up, brides, eye-brow design and depilation, always using state-of-the art techniques. Style makes the difference between common and exclusive.
Perfil CabeleIreiros
Perfil Cabelereiros offers: definitive straightening, manicure, pedicure, facial cleansing, waxing, hidrating, moon bath, hand and feet spa, nanokeratination and lymphatic draining. We have qualified professionals and take appointments.
Spazzio Bello Cabeleireiros
Our hair-dressing saloon offers, in an air conditioned and conveniently located place, a professional and specialized service in beauty. We provide several services, such as Mega-hair, porcelain nail art, facial skin care, hair-dressing and hair straightening, make-up, manicure, pedicure, etc. Spazzio Bello, “a brand new concept in beauty for your hair”.
MW Studio Cabeleireiro
R. Praia de Genipabu, 2150PONTA NEGRA , NATAL
+55 84 32193842
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